Poetry sites new to me or renewed to me:

Of course I have to like Colorado Poets Association website, as they listed Rocket Kids among their favorite poets blogs. They have a nice page with print magazine publishing information too.

Never a dull read: The Chimaera, edited by Paul Stevens, with artwork by Pat Jones. Subtitled "Literary Miscellany, the site has a daily poem selected from the current issue. It's a triquarterly, and archives show the quality of work selected. Some poems have sound files, a great feature.

Unsplendid is a new zine that has entered the fairly small field of New Formalism, as a triquarterly for poems in received forms, including but not limited to: sonnet, villanelle, pantoum, ghazal, sestina and blank verse. As someone who enjoys the challenge of working in form, I'll enjoy reading and perhaps submitting to this one. One thing I like about their definition of received form is that it includes nonce (invented) forms and translations.