Publicity for poetry

Kate at Kicking Wind did an interview with poet and publicist Lytton Smith last year. He's a poet who arranges publicity for poets. While still trying to imagine the net income for that kind of profession, I found several good ideas for promoting a poetry book, ideas you probably know already, but worth repeating:

* Write a press release and pitch letter for the book

* Make a list of reviewers and send it

* Contact your local or regional reading series with an offer to read from the book

* Organize a reading tour, especially wherever you have friends to can help, and possibly host you

* Plan a launch event

* Send postcards (Vista Print has good prices) to your mailing list

* Have a mailing list!!! (Start now)

I would add a few more possible activities:

* Write book reviews and as a book reviewer, offer to swap books for review

* Blog interestingly about something besides your book -- develop readership by earning attention

* Write articles, essays, fiction, to broaden your readership

* Cultivate booksellers

Your ideas?