Bloghopping + Wompherence

The First Annual Women's Poetry Festival has launched its fabulous Website, and will open its online conference November 1. Take a stroll around -- the venues are already up and filling with exhibits, conversations and news of upcoming events. Hosted by members of the Women's Poetry Listserv, an 800+ member-strong online poetry discussion group, the Wompherence is shaping up to be full of activities and discussions.

They offer a bookstore, a general discussion board, publishers booths, a daily poem (Oasis), conference papers and panels, interviews and readings, among the many areas. Check out The Cauldron to get oriented on weekly or daily happenings. There are presentations on international poetry and poetry foremothers, and a workshop area. Registration is free!

In other poetry news, the BBC has digitized rare recordings of writers' voices, some of which are available online, including the only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf.

Speaking of audio poetry, the Wompherence's Daily Poems (Oasis) has audio links. That's how I found this gorgeous recording of poet Deema Shehabi at Drunken Boat reading her poem Portrait of Summer in Bossey: 15 Years Since Her Death. Enjoy listening.