Zafusy + other bloghopping

A new site for the always intriguing zine Zafusy.

Goodreads is really a good place to network with other readers and writers. You can create a page for listing your own works, find out what friends and authors you admire are reading, list brief book reviews and make virtual shelves of books you recommend. It's Facebook for the literary, but intimate and friendly, because the numbers aren't so vast. And no gadgets, things to throw, etc.!

A marvelous virtual poetry conference will be hosted soon by members of the Women in Poetry Listserv. The first annual Wompherence (Wompo+conference), a marvelous site filled with resources, activities and a bookstore, is up now. Registration is free. The official conference starts in November, but there's already plenty to see. More soon on the Wompherence.