Got lucky!

No, not that way. I just won a book at the Wompherence! On the last day, the daily drawing came up with my name and I won a book by Susan Rich. It's her first collection, The Cartographer's Tongue / Poems of the World; White Pine Press. 2000. Susan writes that it includes several poems written while she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa and an election official in Bosnia. Also has many poems about the death of her mother and father -- all in all, an intense time. Sounds perfect!

Speaking of books, I'm becoming hooked on Goodreads. So many books, and me without a Kindle! I learned from Suzanne Frischkorn that I want to read THE ENGLISH MAJOR by Jim Harrison. From Celila Lisset Alvarez, I heard about TRAVELS WITH LIZBETH, and from Mary Biddinger that I have to try THE SECRET HISTORY by Donna Tartt. Plus a phantasmagoria of poetry titles that my Goodreads friends recommend. It will be a long, cozy winter season chez Dacus.

Please join Goodreads and tell me what you're reading that's good. Or just tell me.