Thursday, April 03, 2008


Happy Poetry Month! For those of you in the U.S. And for those of you who think the header on this blog is gibberish, it stands for National Poetry Month Write More (or something like that). It's an exercise started a few years back in which a group of poets commit to writing a poem a day for the month and either workshopping them or comparing notes in some way -- or not.

I am participating for the third time, and this year actually posting each day's effort in an online workshop. Not here -- this is too public, and then they'd be published.

At the same time, I seem to be watching dance videos and thinking about the days when I could dance. Today's search on Revelations -- to my taste more exciting than any Swan Lake -- yielded a YouTube video of the famous Alvin Ailey Company performance. The video's blurry, but even so, it's thrilling. Wade in the Water is my favorite section of the dance. If I could dance like that, I wouldn't need to write.

It did yield a poem. But no, I'm not going to show it yet.

Videos seem like a good poetry prompt. Anyone else doing NaPoWriMo? Anyone have any tricks to jump-start the muse?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour Report

Living by candlelight is charming. For about an hour, and then I wanted to be able to read. Thank you, Thomas Alva Edison! And Phylo T. Farnsworth. The invention of the television is pretty good too. I mean, I can only read so fast. Now that I have the History Channel and PBS 24/7, I'm much better informed than I used to be. Tell that to the next person who whines about what a vast wasteland tv is. On some days, that whiner would be me. But with the advent of the mini-series John Adams, I've remembered how grateful I am for television. And electric lights to read by. Imagine -- John Adams read and wrote all that stuff just by candlelight!