Babel Fruit

I'm pleased to report I have three poems from my chapbook Another Circle of Delight up in the current issue of Babel Fruit. Ren Powell, Cati Porter et all have created another delightful issue. This one features poets "Under the Influence," or responding to other poets. My favorite is by Barbara Crooker, who wittily responds to Emily Dickinson's answering machine in. Martha Silano is also waxing witty in "She Had Some Tantrums" influenced by Joy Harjo's iconic poem "She Had Some Horses."

Then there's Joan Mazza's poem. She responds to Barbara Crooker's work in "August First" -- someone should do an issue that's entirely a daisy chain of poet responses to each other.

It's a delightful issue. I'm very pleased to appear in it with friends and fellow bloggers Suzanne Frischkorn and Martha Silano, and all the other fine poets. Good work! The Influence section is especially entertaining and the whole issue a very good read.