Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Barn Owl Review!

Barn Owl Review #2 was just announced. It's to debut at AWP 2009. I won't be there except between its covers. The issue has poems by a great cast, some of them old friends of mine -- Hi, Kelli, Seth, Patrick, Brent, Jeannine, Rebecca, Steve, Susan, Steven!


Making my way through Amy Tan's memoir, The Opposite of Fate. I do love a good writer memoir. I've got a whole shelf of them now, and Tan's is right up there with Anne Lamott's, Stephen King's and Annie Dillard's in insights about the writing life. Makes me feel less alone in my lonely work. Tan's view is that one becomes a writer more by happenstance and -- well, the opposite of fate. Luck. I know that every single day of my writing life, a lot of serendipity goes into the mix of words and topics.


Happy birthday, Kelli Russell Agodon! (Yesterday, the big four-oh.) To celebrate, we should all go out and buy a copy of Small Knots to keep or give away to the next friend having a birthday.
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