Women. Period.

Well, it was overdue. No, not that. I won't be having another of those.

It's the debut of a new anthology: Women. Period.

It's about -- well, you know.

I've never tried before to promote an anthology on the topic of menstruation, so this will be a new experience. Glancing through the collection, I am impressed by the names, the range of approaches, the mix of poems and prose pieces. Not to mention the thickness of the book, the quality of the printing. Spinsters Ink does a great job -- and they sent me 5 contributor's copies! I feel well paid. It's nice just to see "Blood-Cycle Brooding" in print again.


"25 things about me" is making its way around Facebook as the new, addictive time-sponge. I think it's the invention of a new literary form. My entry was "25 (Really Brief) Things About Me." An excerpt:

1. My great grandmother Alice Patterson Shibley was a Theosophist and the first woman osteopath.

2. My name is orbiting the earth on a piece of space junk.

3. I still have the tattoo I accidentally gave myself with a pen and India ink.

4. My middle name is Etta.

5. I saw the legendary Mary Martin perform three of her signature musical stage roles in South Pacific, Peter Pan and Annie Get Your Gun. And have never gotten over it.

6. When I was ten, I believed that I was going to grow up and go find my real home in ancient Egypt.

7. I once wrote a Nancy Drew mystery novel called "The Prisoner of the Locked Room." (The book is stilled locked in my literary "trunk").

8. I have written six (unpublished) novels.

9. I once learned a Hawaiian rain dance and made it rain (on Kauai, where admittedly it rains all the time).