The Gazebo in Exile & Bay Area Poets Laureate

Recent and major software problems have sent The Gazebo into exile. You can find its temporary home at:

Gazebo in Exile

We'll be back up with our full site soon, but for the time being you can post poetry, announcements, calls, chat and much of the usual fare at the Exile site.

Some of us are taking advantage of this slower activity to polish up our manuscripts and get in training for National Poetry Month's poem-a-day exercise.

The Bay Area Poets Laureate reading and reception, organized by the indefatigable Livermore Laureate Connie Post, will be held tomorrow at the Livermore Library from 1-4 pm. Quick -- how many Poets Laureate does the Bay Area boast? Respondents with the winning number will receive a free copy of my chapbook Another Circle of Delight. (And yes, I will have to look up the answer before making the award -- but I know it's way more than more areas have.) (And if you said, "Where's Livermore?" you don't live in the Bay Area and you're ineligible to play.)