Interviews, Deadlines + A Poll

I love interviews with poets that touch on their process and development and get beyond the po-biz aspect. 32 Poems has a great blog that includes a regular series of interviews. I especially enjoyed the one with Mary Biddinger of Barn Owl Review.

A poetry blog I Shall Call You The Moon has interviews and even invites readers to nominate themselves to be interviewed.

Prairie Schooner's book contest deadline of March 16 is coming up. Editor Hilda Raz judges.

Saturnalia Books book contest has a deadline of March 31, with Carl Phillips judging.

Now for the poll:
(1) How do you think the economic downturn will affect poetry and poetry publication?
(2) Do you anticipate poetry book publication to decrease or remain the same?
(3) Do you expect poetry book sales to be affected by it?
(4) Has your writing been affected by it?

I'll start by answering my own poll:
(1) The number of university creative writing poems may decline if enrollment declines, which it might as a result of decreased individual surplus; this could decrease the number of creative writing faculty and publishing programs.
(2) I expect poetry book publication to remain the same or even increase. Book contests are self-sustaining, perhaps even modestly profitable.
(3) I expect book sales to go down as people are less inclined to spend.
(4) The downturn has increased my workload and drastically reduced my poetry writing time, plus it's a topic that's hard to get in your sights as a poet. It's not inspiring, that's for sure!

Hope your Sunday is full of poems.