Another day, another poem +bloghopping

Sandpiper weather ...

Continuing the giveaway of my chapbook Another Circle of Delight. Write to me: for a free copy (first person before 8 am PDT tomorrow gets it).

Doing the National Poetry Month daily poem-writing exercise for my fourth year has made me ask myself the question, "Why don't I do this all the time?" As William Stafford said, you have to write the bad poems to get to the good ones.

Ouroborous Review's a new zine with stunning visuals, a kind of quirkily page-able online format (think iron skittering around on silk), poems, interviews, art and an eclectic approach by editors Christine Swint and Jo Hemmant.

Had to happen: poetry on your cell phone. And poetry book reviews, if they're extremely short (or xtrmly shrt rvus) -- check out escarp. Tweet about it. You might even find a fogey version on Facebook.

And now I'm off to tweet a poem.