Bloghopping, new poems

I have some poems up at Yareah, an international, bi-lingual (Spanish & English) zine new to me. Edited by Spanish writer Martin Cid, Yareah focuses on myths and legends as a way of analyzing cultural roots.

My poems are in Issue 6, downloadable in pdf format or viewable with a new, pageable format that Ouroboros Review also uses. Thanks to arts editor Isabel del Rio, who asked to reprint my poems "Quetzalcoatl" and "Earth Whale." I'm very pleased to be in this magazine.

My National Poetry Month has been way too full of tax returns. How's yours? After finishing my taxes yesterday, I hope to get back to focusing on poetry again. My daily poems are, predictably, shrinking in length, and yesterday's was a snit about the taxman, but after getting that off my chest, I hope to get more serious. Or more light.