Could be from not writing my daily poems for three days, or from all that pollen out there. Or from pulling one too many late-night work sessions on this thing. I'm starting to lose my sense of date and I never lose that.

So, to atone for not writing a poem for three days -- or at least not one I'm going to show you -- I will now attempt the high-wire act of writing a poem on the spot. Here. Now. This:


Okay, I admit that's stolen,
a concept that's been around
and around and around (little
joke) with an apple core or a half-
eaten popsicle (I stole those from someone's prompt
admission of being uninspired without lines
from tax returns -- all this
from other people's conversation
and a dog, perhaps should nose around
in this too -- close
quote) but the only genuine
word in here is please
someone else today and you have done
the best you can. Okay, that was twelve,
but who's counting. Certainly not the dog.

And that is only a small measure of how delirious I am. (Here, take that! - She flounces the First Cereal Rights into the wind.)

One very strange post.