Po-News, Chap Giveaway Goes On, Fortunes for Poems

With Jilly Dybka's Poetry Hut Blog on hiatus, I am getting some of my poetry news from an excellent journal I like to visit for many other reasons, Smartish Pace. I just got my new print annual from SP, and discovered their new media section, with videos of readings by poets Gregory Orr, Michael Chitwood, Lisa Russ Spaar, as well as an AWP Chicago video and more. SP is a great magazine - visit the website and subscribe. It's well worth it.

Day Four of the daily poem challenge for National Poetry Month. I have taken to using fortune cookies for prompts.

And the daily giveaway of my chapbook Another Circle of Delight continues. Email me with your address and if you're first of the day, a free copy will be yours. Send the request to: racheldacus@gmail.com.

Thank God it's Saturday and all I have to do is taxes and write a poem.