Shaking Things Up

Seems fitting that National Poetry Month would be the time for the government to announce a new Poet Laureate: former rapper Vanilla Ice. You heard me. Known these days as Robert Van Winkle, a native of Dallas (my husband's hometown, and just about the last place I'd expect a Poet Laureate to emerge from, though they do have a mighty fine state fair). Apparently, the former Vanilla Ice has taken a literary turn in recent years.

Read all about it on Kelli Russell Agodon's Book of Kells. Brilliant, Kelli! (Don't forget to check the date of this post and the comments.)

Alas! The fascinating Poetry Hut Blog by Jilly Dybka is "temporarily closed." Where will I get my daily poetry news?

Bumping up the offer to send a free chapbook to the first person each day in April who emails me with a request: