Eternity + Productivity

Eternity is a new phone I'm in love with. And stumbling around in. It has many features, it surfs the Web, it emails (sometimes when I'm not looking), it has widgets, and is generally like a new puppy -- adorable and unmanageable. But I've ordered a bunch of accessories, so it's all good, right? It's my birthday present, and it can find the nearest Starbuck's and pizza place. What's not to like, even if it sends half-composed emails?

So the big question of the day -- and for all of May -- is whether to continue composing new work each day or begin editing April's batch. I'd like to edit, but editing is such a different creative mind set than sending the bucket down the well to see just how deep it really is.

What are you doing today - composing afresh or reinvigorating poems past?