Eternity Takes an Eternity to Learn

I'm speaking of the new Samsung phone, which I got for my birthday. Thank heavens I got it a week in advance of the actual day, because I would have had to spend the day turning over the little black box and wondering where all the buttons were and which end to speak into. Instead, today I navigated us from Walnut Creek to Sonoma using the inbuilt GPS with spoken directions. My mother (86) asked if that was a real person on the phone giving us directions. Cute.

I also wouldn't have been able to look up the word "podunk" at the dinner table to settle an etymological dispute. In case you too didn't know, it's Algonquin dialect for people who live in boggy places and have no name. Thus, towns called Podunk haven't experienced great growth. Something about stepping in mire all the time, I don't know.

So for anyone who's not stopped reading by now -- yes, it is a really cool phone. With a steep learning curve. But isn't that the hallmark of all the technology we love?