I'm green on Twitter and glued to the screen. Someone just said, "If Iran sleeps tonight, it will sleep forever." But it doesn't appear that is the case, with cries of "God is great" echoing through Tehran. I wonder what is happening in other Iranian cities, and how many months it will be before we know what is the import of all of this. I have a friend who contends the demonstrations are incited by the U.S., but it's hard to view all the videos of hundreds of thousands and imagine that so many people could have been made so passionate by espionage manipulations.

I think of the Persian poet Hafiz and his Divan, so I opened it at random and saw this:

If the Sultan's justic asketh not the state of the oppressed ones of love,
For those corner-sitting, it is necessary to sever the love of ease.
(Wilberforce-Clarke translation)

Hey, don't blame me -- I didn't make this up. Blame Hafiz, who as a friend recently said, nails it again.