New poem up at qarrtsiluni

My poem "Penny" can be read and heard -- at quarrtsiluni, their new ECONOMY issue. No, that doesn't mean short poems, though I guess it can. Editors Dave Bonta and Beth Adams came up with a theme that resonates on many levels, goes in lots of directions.A good theme, I think -- being a person who's thrifty, time-conscious, and even occasionally concise.

PLUS -- a recording! This new thing in zines is what makes Internet publishing superior to print, in my view. A poet reading adds textural dimensions of breath, persona and pacing to what's on the page. I'm with Camille Paglia that it's a tragedy that we have lost the enrichment of context in poetry critcism.

I work on my readings. Could use one of those cool Snowball microphones, however. The built-in mic in MacBook will not do. Ambient noise abounds.

In case you wondered, the word qarrtsiluni is an an Iñupiaq word that means "sitting together in the darkness, waiting for something to burst."