Poetry presses, getting published & the delightful ampersand

I've been in a lively discussion of poetry book contest publishing, the economics of the field, how to best support poetry, new paradigms of eBook publishing and more. It sparked my interest in the topic again, and I've updated my list of resources for poets seeking to publish without going the contest route:

Non-Contest Poetry Book Publishers - updated list

How much we have to spend to support a career in poetry! And why can't publishers of poetry books publish books a wider audience will want to buy? So often there's a lot of whining about low sales -- this is true everywhere in publishing but especially in poetry -- so why not look at what you're offering and make it fit the market better? Just a thought to consider.

Elsewhere, lively discussion of the ampersand (&) over at Dave Bonta's Via Negativa. I just love it when someone mentions the sensuality of a punctuation mark.

May your poetry day include lots of sensual punctuation.