Bloghopping + rocket kids

Some new sites found through Twitter (check the Tweetboard now on this blog):

Red Fez a whimsical eclection of fiction, poetry, books, comics, and something called the Poem Dervish (random selections), with each section organized by theme.

We're so in need of more literary criticism! Especially for poetry. It seems to be dying with print and attention span. So finding Daniel Casey's Gently Read Literature is such a pleasure -- thoughtful essays on contemporary poetry and litfiction. Currently up is James Reiss' review of B.H. Fairchild's newest, “Usher.” I became a Fairchild fan when someone gave me a review copy of “Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest.”

I'm always late to find out about trends in software, so forgive me if you already know about Scrivener, but it's worth mentioning in case. Best feature: the virtual corkboard. You can throw away those index cards!

And did I say I woke up this morning BFF with Emily D.?

Someone asked me, why Rocket Kids? Because I believe a good poem should have a good fuel mix. If it doesn't have enough thrust, it won't get over.