Bloghopping + Twitterflitting

A new editor interview is up at Very Like A Whale - this one with Kate Bernadette Benedict, editor and publisher of the supremely rereadable electronic journal Umbrella. Yes, I do have a vested interest in mentioning this, being a contributing editor for Umbrella. Also, I am (thanks, Kate!) mentioned in the interview, along with fellow contributing editors C.E. Chaffin and Robert Schechter.

If you live near San Francisco and you care about fashion, you must check out SF Style, the guide to glorious street fashion. If it's happening here, you'll be wearing it in two years. Right now, over-sized hair accessories. I'm just reporting the facts, folks. Grab a great big bow or feather and slap it up there. They say: This trend has been building steam for a while now, and we predict it is soon to hit critical mass and implode.

Wouldn't that be explode? Maybe not, in SF.

Of course I found it on Twitter - where I find everything lately - along with Happen_in_SF_Bay which keeps me apprised of every event in my vicinity, right down to the nearest coffeehouse music event. Assuming I wait until the last minute to plan my Saturday nights. I feel so young again! As long as the party doesn't go past 11.