Twitterflitting + bloghopping

I'm putting them in reverse order because lately I've spent a lot of time on Twitter, following #iranelection and related topics. If you want to find out what's going on in Iran, you pretty much have to go on Twitter or wait several days to a week for CNN and others to summarize what they've been reading on Twitter. The newest news is that there may be a big demonstration when Rafsanjani leads Friday prayers. That's only hours away now.

They keep arresting journalists in Iran, which I find mordantly funny. As if the news weren't getting out by every citizen with a camera cell phone and a clue about secure networks. Journalists are all well and good, but when the government shuts down mainstream communications networks and arrests journalists, where is the news? And that's where we are with news from Iran. Vive la revolution en journalisme! (Sorry, it's just been Bastille Day.)

Since we're political today, check out truthout. Another different kind of journalism. Interesting opinion piece today on the idea of taxing the wealthy to keep everyone healthy.

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