Made it!

Yes, this very blog finally made it to the top of Google's search on Rocket Kids. You'd be amazed how many rocket related sites used to get in above this site, so that it fell far below the first search page. So annoying. I mean, shouldn't everyone guess that Rocket Kids isn't a new toy, book, chemistry set, or kidvid? Shouldn't they have known it was a literary blog (if that isn't an oxymoron)?

In other bloghopping news, the Aroostook Review has a nice interview with Dorianne Laux, plus four of her poems -- plus three poems from my colleague and Editor-In-Chief at Umbrella, Kate Bernadette Benedict. Treats in store when you click on the links.

And yes, I have not tweeted in more than 48 hours, but now that I've discovered FriendFeed, a way to manage all you online addictions, that may soon change.