Bloghopping & The Cultural Impact of Zines

Just read the new issue of Switched-On Gutenberg - still going strong after fifteen years. That kind of long life as a litmag demonstrates that online literary magazines may have more staying power than much that's in print.

For example, my poem, A Pot of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, appeared in the journal's fourth year, the Hunger issue. It's still in the archives, as you can see from the link. I wonder if anyone reads the archives, but the poem certainly stands a chance of having a longer life than many in the dusty print journals I keep in boxes in my garage. Bravo, Jana Harris, Linda Malnack, and Roberta Feins, for SOG's longevity and consistently good quality of work!

Grantmakers who fund literary arts should pay more attention to what's happening online. The paradigm shift is giving zines a better shot at having a greater impact on our literary culture, and thus the larger culture, than print. There. I said it. Now don't throw dingbats!