Web hosting services - any suggestions?

I'm very sad that my supposedly commercial-grade web hosting service, www.aplus.net, has been inaccessible and unreachable by phone for more than six hours. I thought that paying a premium price would guarantee good support, information by phone in case of outages, enough backup redundancy to prevent long outages -- say, like six hours! -- to justify paying double what many web hosting services charge.

Recently, they put us through a laborious server upgrade, which cost me about seven hours in tech support calls, for some of which I had to wait more than thirty minutes in line. Now they have an unexplained, long outage and don't even bother to put a message on their telephone line explaining the situation and calming jittery customers.

Aplus.net, are you listening? I'm taking suggestions for a new multiple-domain hosting service with good tech support that costs less than $14 a month. And works with the Mac OS X.5.7 operating system.

Anyone have ideas? You have my attention!