Still a Rocket Kid

My father is dying. When I got the news, and before I can get there to see him, I found myself wanting to reread -- and possibly rewrite -- my memoir of growing up with the crazy rocket engineer. Rocket Lessons has not (yet) sold, but I can post a few excerpts here to give you an idea. It's really why I started this blog, to surface the book. I think I really will have to go back and see what I can do with this record of the 50s-60s Cold War era in America, seen from the zany perspective of one the soldiers in the aerospace trenches -- days when real men wore pocket protectors, slide rules, and buzz cuts.


I also googled my father and discovered something he never mentioned to any of us (maybe my mother knew but has forgotten). He patented a device to launch liquid fuel rockets. You can see his drawing and abstract still on file at the Patent Office.


In other news, I never did blog about a lovely review my book Femme au chapeau received from Cheryl Snell at Library Thing in February. Thanks, Cheryl!

And if I did mention it, well, it's worth two mentions!