Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just discovered Miriam Levine's wonderful blog, thanks to the Women in Poetry Listserv Blog Digest. A combination of literary and personal topics and nice visuals makes this delicious reading.

And thanks to Miriam's blogroll, I found a blog about fashion that's actually readable and interesting. The Thoughtful Dresser (Linda Grant) also writes about books and has this delightful subtitle on her blog: Because you can't have depths without surfaces. Too right.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Web hosting services - any suggestions?

I'm very sad that my supposedly commercial-grade web hosting service,, has been inaccessible and unreachable by phone for more than six hours. I thought that paying a premium price would guarantee good support, information by phone in case of outages, enough backup redundancy to prevent long outages -- say, like six hours! -- to justify paying double what many web hosting services charge.

Recently, they put us through a laborious server upgrade, which cost me about seven hours in tech support calls, for some of which I had to wait more than thirty minutes in line. Now they have an unexplained, long outage and don't even bother to put a message on their telephone line explaining the situation and calming jittery customers., are you listening? I'm taking suggestions for a new multiple-domain hosting service with good tech support that costs less than $14 a month. And works with the Mac OS X.5.7 operating system.

Anyone have ideas? You have my attention!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapbooks from Carpe Diem! Press + Bloghopping

The popularity of chapbooks is rising, thanks to the need to have something to sell at readings and the atmosphere of insane competition in full-length book contests. Yet few chapbook publishers and printers exists to satisfy the growing need for producing chapbooks. A new chapbook service just debuted, Carpe Diem! Press. I found out about it because it's run by my poetry editor.

Carpe Diem Press combines great graphic design talent with economical prices and in-house proofreading -- and even copy-editing, if you want to pay for that service. They're in the process of building their site. The best way to find out more is to get in touch and ask for a quote and samples. I love their logo, a little guy jumping up and down. He looks to me like he's uttering a barbaric yawp!

My poem "Apple Pie Order" appeared on Your Daily Poem, a lovely site dedicated to the idea that "poetry need not be boring." Aimed at general readership, the editors of YDP look for poetry that combines accessibility and high standards of craft. Check it out.