Monday, December 21, 2009

Non-Contest Book Publishers

The list is growing. Maybe a new trend is starting? Non-contest reading, perhaps with a small reading fee. Sounds like a reasonable way to conduct a small press.

Adam Deutsch, of the new Cooper Dillon Books, wrote to let me know that they read poetry book manuscripts - both chapbooks and full-length - outside of contests. He writes:

"We're a fairly new press, releasing our first titles right now. We've
just put out a chapbook by Gary McDowell's /They Speak of Fruit/, and
have a chap coming from Jill Alexander Essbaum and a full-length by Nate
Pritts coming in the next month or so.

".. we don't run a contest, and do not plan to. Our reading
period is closed right this minute, but it'll reopen April 1st and run
until August 15th (or so). There will be a reading fee of $10/or
buy-a-book, but a portion of fees will go to a local San Diego charity.
Details will be found at
closer to the opening of the reading period."

My Non-Contest Poetry Book Publishers page has been updated to include Cooper Dillon Books.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poet interviews

I'm gearing up to do some interviews, and reading poet interviews on other journals is a great way to get ideas. There's a wealth of wisdom out there -- much of it contradictory advice about how to write and publish poetry, which makes it all the more fun.

One site that has an archive worth listening to is Artful Dodge.

Fringe Magazine has short interviews on the blog, longer ones in each issue. , which is now going to appear twice a year, will have interviews.

The Poets Q&A at From the Fishouse is especially interesting, because the poets answer in audio.

Anyone have additions? I just love reading and better yet hearing poets talk about their craft and practice.