Diane Lockward has a video of the undefinable, majorly talented poet Taylor Mali over at Blogalicious. If you haven't heard of this guy, take a look and then go to Youtube where you can find lots more. And hope that he comes to your town and you can see him in person!

C.E. Chaffin has a blog post that touched me, about dealing with melancholy, including a quote from Lincoln that was moving. If ever there were a man who dealt with melancholy bravely, it was Lincoln. Craig paraphrases it as: "If all the misery of the world were gathered in one sack and put upon one man's shoulders, I am that man."

I think everyone who deals with sadness -- whether on a daily or occasional basis -- is a brave and pure soul. Pain purifies and makes one clear-eyed and compassionate. Craig ends with a beautiful poem of his own, "Once More for Sanity." (P.S. to Craig: blogging, Facebook, and Twitter are all one now, because I can link this post to Facebook and tweet via the Tweetboard right here on my blog. So it's all a question of where you want to get your news.)

I think that about sums up my day: a paragraph on hilarity, a paragraph on melancholy and finding sanity in what seems an insane world. Yup.