Interesting interview up at Fugue with novelist Anthony Doerr, on the art of being a fiction "alchemist."

Another good interview by Brian Brodeur with poet Sherod Santos. Brodeur's blog, How a Poem Happens focuses on interviews about the process of writing poems and often on the process of creating a specific poem (included in the interview).

I'm thinking about interviews as I conduct several with poets for a couple of journals. An interview can be like a mini-seminar with a poet, a great way to learn about craft. It can also be fascinating background reading, giving a context for the poet's work. I'm persuaded this enriches the reading of poetry, agreeing with Camille Paglia on this subject. I was given a new collection of Wallace Stevens' selected poems with a fascinating introduction by editor John N. Serio that not only analyzes the poetic approach, but connects it to Stevens' life.