Facebook and poetry

I just posted a status update on Facebook about how it has widened my horizons, both in terms of poetry and friendship, and in making new friends among poets. A lot of people complain about social networking sites (mostly about Facebook) and how distracting it is for poets and writers. I have found it the contrary. It's so easy for me to switch between screens when I'm working on something and want to take a little break from the hard process of thinking through a poem or a scene. I take a little break with whatever's been recently posted at Facebook and find links to articles, poems, poets, essays, books, and groups. I may follow one for a little, read something that informs or inspires, and return to the work.

I have made many poet friends, swapped books, learned new techniques, found new poetry markets, and enjoyed a general sense of support and community.

Even if Facebook decides to change their interface every few weeks, or people post annoyingly repetitive things, it's worth it.

I've made friends there without whom I could not do. There's really been nothing like it before for poets and people to connect.