Interviewing Poets

I have a new job: interviewing poets for Fringe magazine. I have already done some interviews for Umbrella, and found it a fascinating job. You get to ask all the poets you admire how they do what they do! And what poetry means to them, what poetry can do, who their favorite poets are. It's a license to be nosy. It's like taking a workshop. It's like speed dating. It's a chance to make new friends. It's the water cooler of the po-biz. I could go on, but I'll save it for the interviews.

Coming up next week, an interview with poet Cheryl Dumesnil, whose book In Praise of Falling won the Agnes Lynch Starret Prize. Coming in Umbrella: an interview with Eliot Khalil Wilson, author of The Saint of Letting Small Fish Go. And next for Fringe ... I think I'll wait to announce who the big-name poet is. Stay tuned.

This is so much fun!