New gig at Fringe

I have a new job of interviewing poets for Fringe magazine (whose subtitle I adore: "The Noun That Verbs Your World"). Interviews upcoming will include Cheryl Dumesnil, author of In Praise of Falling, and Kim Addonizio, author of too many books to name, but most especially the brilliant, new collection Lucifer at the Starlite, with a nice review at Rattle by Jeannine Hall Gailey via the link.

Interviewing poets about their work, poems, process, and prospects is exciting. I get to ask all the things I am curious about but rarely have the opportunity to ask, questions like: What is your process of revision? When do you consider a poem ready to send out? What gives you the best chances in book contests? How can you best organize a collection of poetry? What is the meaning of an "occasion" for a poem versus its subject matter? And on. Should be educational for me, and I hope for the readers.

I will also continue to do interviews at Kate Bernadette Benedict's wonderful zine Umbrella, which has now gone to a semi-annual schedule. The next issue is due in May. Stay tuned to hear about those upcoming interviews.