Ever wonder where your time goes?

Thanks to Sherry Sheehan, I found this wonderful illustration in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine of the time-suck that is social networking and bloghopping. When I wind up at the end of a ten-hour day with two billable hours of work, I now know that this is what happened.

Adding to your Internet-induced ADD, here are some stops online you should check out:

Electric Literature -- a quarterly anthology of the best contemporary short fiction delivered in every viable format: eBook, audiobook, Kindle, iPhone, Paperback.

Poets for Living Waters -- poetry action in response to the Gulf Oil Disaster and a call for poems about the Gulf Coast.

Donors Choose -- donate to help out a classroom of your choice; a little or a lot, every dollar helps and goes right to a classroom in need (and aren't they all these days?).