Making a run at some favorite journals

Submitting poetry this morning. I don't usually blog about where I'm submitting or which journals have turned me down lately (that would be whiny beyond enduring, and a lengthy list), or even blog about acceptances unless I can link to a poem. But today I'm thinking about the process of submitting, having had a discussion on Facebook about how the proliferation of online submissions may have contributed to lengthening response times due to a deluge of submissions made ever so much easier and cheaper than paper subs.

I find Duotrope Digest a blessing for recordkeeping, superior to the Excel spreadsheet I used to use for its links, automated categories, and generous notes area. I also like online submissions, as I can upload Word files to preserve formatting just as in print. And sending out a packet now costs $1.18, so I'd rather not spend the money. But I note that the better journals rarely take online submissions. Maybe they know it will only increase the amount of reading they have to do in their slush piles.

This morning I'm taking a run at River Styx, Crazyhorse, The Cincinnatti Review, and (blush to admit it because I have criticized their recent taste) Poetry.

And yes, the fact that River Styx and Cincinnati Review only take paper submissions is beginning to be persuasive. I'm beginning to think that $1.18 is worth it to have what might be less competition.

Anyone else finding response times growing longer? I used to get responses on average in three to four months. These days six months seems to be the average. And I don't think it's because my work is getting more careful consideration, as my batting average remains about the same. I think online submitting is swamping the editors.

Anyone looking for editorial assistance out there? I might be available, as long as I don't have to print everything out.