Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paradigm + Bloghopping

I have an interview just published online with the always interesting poet and editor Bryan Roth in the fourteenth issue of Paradigm. He has a poetry feature of five poems in this issue. Paradigm also features fiction, nonfiction, and art, and in every issue there's at least one interview. Good place to submit!

Discovered Touch: The Journal of Healing through some friends who have poems in the current issue.

A fascinating experiment in publishing: Concord Free Press. They'll send you free books! Just for the asking. But you have to donate money somewhere, and then record what you've done on their website. Then pass the book along to someone else. My question for publisher Ron Slate: where do they get the funds to publish the books? Grants? Donations back to CFP? I'd love to know more about this new model.

If you don't know about the Move Your Money Project, take a look. A grassroots movement to take power back from Big Banking has my money! I bank with a small regional bank that has very customer-friendly policies and none of those sneaky, exorbitant fees.