My Reading up on the Poets Coop TV Site

I had the privilege of being invited to appear on Poets' Co-Op TV show on Channel 54 in Boulder County, Colorado, on September 5. M.D. Friedman, a poet, artist, and musician, hosts this monthly poetry show. He had also invited me to give a reading in his series at the Loveland Museum, which was great fun. It's a lovely venue and a good group of poets regularly attend.

It's interesting to watch yourself reading. I'm taking notes for next time (smile more!). I really appreciate M.D.'s invitation to appear. His work to produce this show, and the professionalism and pleasant presence of his colleagues who do all the camera and sound work is awesome. Support Channel 54 if you're in Boulder County! It's a good station providing good programming.

I wish someone around here (Contra Costa County, CA) would start a poetry TV! Poetry on TV is such a natural.