Reading and Bloghopping

Reading C.K. Williams luminous book On Whitman. Few seem to get the spirituality of Whitman, the layered use of the first person, stretching from the earthly to the divine, but Williams does. Of course, his own work has a layered, luminously spiritual quality that balances, as Whitman's does, the divine with the quotidian.

Also reading the fascinating and poetic novel Tinkers, and wondering how someone got a first novel so short published. It's only 191 pages. Excellence in the writing, I suppose, is the answer, though I'm skeptical that New York editors these days would even notice that dimension in a book. Color me jaundiced by my own adventures with agents and publishers and efforts to get a book accepted.

One of the pleasures of "friending" writers and poets on Facebook is discovering and connecting to their blogs, for fascinating reading such as Nic Sebastien's Very Like a Whale and Diane Lockward's Blogalicious. Ah, too much to read, too little time to read it all!