Friday, February 26, 2010

My interview with Cheryl Dumesnil at Fringe

Cheryl Dumesnil: Falling Into Place Poet Cheryl Dumesnil talks about why her children are her gurus, San Francisco as a font of poetry, and how she knows when a poem is ready to publish. It was a lot of fun to talk and email with Cheryl about poetry, her new book, winning a major award, the writing life, and some of the poems in her collection.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog- and zine-hopping

New quarterly zine that looks interesting: Corium Magazine. They publish short and very short fiction and poetry.

Mary Biddinger's Word Cage is always entertaining, and so is Barn Owl Review's blog (Mary is an editor of BOR).

Amy King's Alias asks "Who are the most innovative poets today?" Head over and cast your vote (or list).

I would have done more bloghopping, but have been riveted by the Olympics. Yes, it's the curling.

Interviews with poets up at Fringe

I had the good fortune to interview two fascinating poets recently, Bryan Roth and Cheryl Dumesnil. Both interviews are up at Fringe magazine (Fringe: the Noun that Verbs Your World). Bryan (look in the Blog section for his two-part interview) addresses the in-depth questions we all ponder, such as "What is poetry? What is its purpose?" and also answers questions about his poems. Cheryl (look under Issues) talks about her poems, what it was like to win a major book award, and how she integrates parenting and a life in poetry. The best part of doing these is that I get to ask all the things I'm curious about, have conversations about poetry that enrich my own practice and work. Hope you enjoy reading!