Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Atlanta Review

My poem "Ghost Hours" appears in the new issue of The Atlanta Review. Thanks to Dan Veach for selecting the poem! It's an interesting issue, with a section on poets from Iran, edited by Sholeh Wolpé, and five new translations of Rumi by Coleman Barks.

I'm having a good week! Even though I did get two rejection slips today. Nice to have two pub credits to balance them out.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Cortland Review

The cool thing about this publication, aside from its being one of the most respected on the Web, is that they publish sound files along with the poems. I believe they were one of the first to do it. So I'm doubly happy that my poem, "Every Morning I Try" appears both in virtual print and sound in their Issue 47, which just went up.

And thanks, Cynthia Bryant, for linking my poem in Poets Lane's Rave On page!

Another zine that includes sound files is qarrtsiluni. It's the new way of attending poetry readings! Though the coffee isn't as good, and the lack of rickety chairs and wobbly tables online leaves out a certain poetry reading ambience that I do miss! But hearing the poet's voice often adds so much to the experience.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why I shouldn't blog late at night

I am tempted to compose poetry online.
I forget the way to the delete key.
My cursor keeps wrapping to the front of the line and I type over what I have just written.
I eat a piece of chocolate after every sentence I type.
Blogger keeps losing the return key. (What is that about?)
Another piece of chocolate gets on the keyboard.
I will wake up in the morning and have enabled anonymous comments.
I will wake up tomorrow and have enabled anonymous blogging.
I will wake up anonymous.