Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn (I hate to call it fall)


The universe, say surprised astronomers, has twice as much accumulated starlight as can be explained by all the known stars and galaxies. -- Newspaper article, 1998.

We have twice as much starlight,
it seems,
as stars to explain it.
This can only mean
a hidden conflagration
burns in the cosmic whirl.
Where can it live, this occult fire --
not at the center
galaxies are escaping.
Not at the frontiers of space
where new suns are being pioneered.
Where does the pure pulse of light beat,
racing out of nowhere,
a night light switched on in the void?
There is evidence that deep in the spin
of atoms is a tiny sun, a heart of radiance.
In the same way,
I have lived through days
when there is twice as much love
as people around me to explain it.

-- first published in Earth Lessons

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Poetry Presses on My Non-Contest List

Thanks to tips from Facebook friends, I've updated my list of non-contest poetry presses. Take a look, and send me your suggestions, if you know of a poetry book publisher that reads queries or manuscripts outside of contests:

Non-Contest Poetry Book Publishers

Rainy day, writing day. I'm reading Kim Addonizio's wonderful new book Ordinary Genius, A Guide for the Poet Within.

Here's a little video clip of Kim talking about the book:

Kim - Ordinary Genius

Have a good writing day!