Best of the Web nomination

These are the moments when I truly begin to wonder about my memory, but actually I think if I did get an email about this, my spam filter ate it. Because I'd remember THIS! My poem "Mesmer" was nominated by that marvelous zine, Pirene's Fountain, for Best of the Web 2010 (Dzanc Books). Thanks, editor Ami Kaye, and others on the Pirene's team. I'm just delighted. And my apologies for not thanking you sooner! Here's the poem:


Rain can be like Chopin, all piano strings
and syncopated pauses, geometry
of blings under wheels and rubber heels.
Sudden baptism from branches.
Drooled harmonies. On your neck, wet
strings slithering like kisses. Rings
around drops that plop into pools: ting,
ting, ting, ting
. Scriabin zithering
loss up your edges, a soul-cling,
foreboding’s cold feathering.