New poetry presses - non-contest + Bly/Rumi reading

Find new non-contest poetry presses to submit your manuscript to! Several new entries on my page of poetry book publishers that read outside of contests. It seems as though more presses are accepting unsolicited submissions, though some charge a reading fee. But I think the tide of all-contest-poetry-publishing may be turning back to a more diverse way of finding new books and supporting presses. I don't mind a reading fee, especially if you're promised some feedback (Kore Press does this), and even if not, as long as my fee supports a press that publishes work I admire. And if it doesn't, I should ask myself why I'm submitting there!

A hilarious Robert Bly reading of Rumi on praise and catastrophe. (Thanks, Marian Haddad, for the link.)

For a bit gentler Rumi reading, here's Coleman Barks and music, with a poem, appropriately right now, that takes water as a theme.

Get well soon, Coleman Barks!