I'm thrilled to announce that I've just signed a contract with Kitsune Books to publish my new poetry collection, Gods of Water and Air, in 2012! It's been a long time putting this one together, and finding the right publisher. I feel very lucky!

Kitsune Books describes its mission this way:
Kitsune Books was founded in 2006 to make available to the reading public an eclectic variety of artistic, well-written books that are slightly off the beaten path. We publish literary and some genre fiction, nonfiction literary commentary and memoir, and poetry.

And making it also special for me is to be a fellow Kitsune author alongside my friend Jeannine Hall Gailey, whose new collection, She Returns to the Floating World, was just published by Kitsune. It's an amazing book, combining Jeannine's unique blend of Japanese myths and folklore, Shinto spirits, philosophy and popular culture.