New poems published in Umbrella

I'm honored to be included in Umbrella Journal's fifth anniversary issue. the Orsorum section features my work, as well as that of:

C.B. Anderson
Seth Braver
Michael Cantor
Robin Chapman
Maryann Corbett
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
Paul Hostovsky
Rose Kelleher
Kathleen Kirk
John Milbury-Steen
Ken Poyner
Jason Primm
Jennifer Reeser
Sarah J. Sloat
David Stephenson
Sherry Chandler (Book Review)

Huge congratulations to publisher/editor Kate Bernadette Benedict for steering this publication to a wider audience, through innovative and fresh ideas, and also creating an umbrella for Tilt-A-Whirl and Carmine Street Metrics. Umbrella is a journal unlike any I know of, with surprises and new dimensions all the time. Here's to another five years of delight!