Friday, April 15, 2011

Listening to poetry - Part 2

Thank you, Nic Sebastien, for featuring my reading of "I Spend an Afternoon with Monet" at Voice Alpha!

If you haven't spent time at Voice Alpha and Whale Sound, you're missing one of the most delicious poetry experiences you can have online.

So listen to some great poetry in April, as well as reading and writing it!

Some other places with the sounds of poetry are The Cortland Review and qarrtsiluni. More zines are getting on this bandwagon -- a very good thing for poetry! Any suggestions? I'd like to compile a list.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Listening to great poetry

Thanks to the wealth of free digital media, it's possible to incorporate listening to great poets read their work into your daily writing and reading practice. Last night i heard a great poet, Kim Addonizio, read, and it had a good effect on my approach to today's work. Here are some youtube clips. She read with the wonderful poet Susan Browne, and Kim also played some blues harmonica.

Kim Addonizio - Muse
Kim & Susan - several poems

And some of my other favorites:
Galway Kinnell - Oatmeal
Robert Hass -- I Am Your Waiter Tonight, and My Name Is Dimitri

And of course, I'm on Youtube too, though not great! (Yet. I'm working hard though.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poet Interviews

Ren Powell is interviewed on Fiona Robyn's Writing Our Way Home blog.

I am fascinated with poets being interviewed, the questions asked and the answers given, opening windows into the intensely private and individual process of creating poems.

I have an upcoming interview on Fringe with the fascinating Jeannine Hall Gailey. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kim Addonizio reading in Walnut Creek + How A Poem Happens

One of my favorite poets, and my teacher, Kim Addonizio, is reading at the Walnut Creek Library on Tuesday night. Here's the Contra Costa Times announcement. Should be a great evening. Music too!

Brian Brodeur's blog How a Poem Happens is great reading if you want the behind-the-scenes story of notable poems. This week's interviewee is Gray Jacobik, with Brian asking questions about revision, the trigger for writing, what part inspiration plays, and all those wonderful things we talk about endlessly when poets get together.

Happy April poem-writing! (Or revising.)