Thursday, December 08, 2011

Publishers, Zines, and the Changing Landscape

Discovered a fascinating and informative page by Aaron Shephard on self-publishing and the changing landscape of eBooks.

Speaking of publishers, the ever-innovative micro press Cooper Dillon Books now has a link to my interview with publisher Adam Deutsch published at Fringe. Stay tuned for more. I plan to get Deutsch talking again about poetry publishing and the literary community.

Found some new (to me) zines I want to read and submit work to: for flash fiction, Smokelong Quarterly and Linebreak which describes itself as "a weekly magazine with a bias for good poetry." Always fun bloghopping the literary Internet.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

New poems published in Umbrella

I'm honored to be included in Umbrella Journal's fifth anniversary issue. the Orsorum section features my work, as well as that of:

C.B. Anderson
Seth Braver
Michael Cantor
Robin Chapman
Maryann Corbett
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
Paul Hostovsky
Rose Kelleher
Kathleen Kirk
John Milbury-Steen
Ken Poyner
Jason Primm
Jennifer Reeser
Sarah J. Sloat
David Stephenson
Sherry Chandler (Book Review)

Huge congratulations to publisher/editor Kate Bernadette Benedict for steering this publication to a wider audience, through innovative and fresh ideas, and also creating an umbrella for Tilt-A-Whirl and Carmine Street Metrics. Umbrella is a journal unlike any I know of, with surprises and new dimensions all the time. Here's to another five years of delight!