If you are working on a book

Susan Rich, over at The Alchemist's Kitchen, has an interesting item up today. It's about the process of working on a book, including a wonderful poem on that theme by W.S. Merwin.

An exciting new multimedia project, including poetry, has been started at Kinship of Rivers. Wang Ping is a poet, writer, photographer, grant writer and fund-raiser, organizer for the trips and manager for the whole installation collaboration. Born in Shanghai, Wang Ping now lives on the bank of the Mississippi. She’s been photographing and writing about the two rivers for the past decade, and would like to build bridges across the rivers with her art and poetry and with this river project. Check it out, it's fascinating and bridge-building.

I don't usually post music here, but if you haven't heard this hip young French singer, you should get to know Zaz. Even if you don't speak French. I'm thinking Piaf reincarnated into much better circumstances.